February 3, 2023

Best EV Charging Stations Stocks In 2022 | Electric vehicles Stocks

Hello everyone, how are you all?
and what’s going on? you know that automobile sector is changing very fastly
and here the craze of electrical vehicles is increasing and due to EV’s everything from bikes cars, autos and everything will go electric and companies investing and government is also supporting and targeted somewhere from 2025 to 2030

the first growth will be in EV charging stations there is no success untill you solve the problem of charging and everyone will think of charging stations while buying everything is dependent on charging stations do you agree that bumper response will be going toward charging stations

whether it is about to make EV’s or to make EV infrastructure by the trend we can say that EV industry will be going to have amazing growth in the upcoming time and by seeing this potential the govetnment is also giving crores of incentives to the companies so this tells that there is a high chance of growth of this industries in future

if you invest timely in SIP mode in any such company so your future will be amazingly secured

which are those 5 stocks so let’s know
some stock to which you will keep them in your watch list


first is TATA power, because tata group is working on complete ecosystem in EV segment tata motors in cars and evs and tata power in charging infrastructure
largest integrated company of india
they provide charging solutions in each segment which includes home charging, public charging, workplace charging, captive charging

tata power made agreement with many companies in which they tied up to many companies like TATA motors, MG motors, TVS motors, the company has also signed a contract

through which they will have charging facilities till September month they installed 5458 home charging stations, 32 e bus charging stations, and 878 electrical vehicles charging stations

they tied up with lodha group and central railway for charging facilities in pune and Mumbai, they launched a ev charging app through which you can find the near by charging stations

if we talk about the share of the company so it has given amazing returns, we will not go much in the detail but we will say that it is an nice company and working in nice ways ans working from ground level

because i suppose that no one can beat the company which is working from ground level


the next company which is indian oil corporation they decided to start electric vehicle charging centres at their 10 thousand petrol pumps at present in india 448 Ev charging stations and 30 battery swapping stations are made by them in India made partnership with the hundai

mahindra, ola, ntpc, tata power so look tata power is here also by the changing in the things they are also changing themselves to sustain in the market

if we talk about the company so it is zero emission electrical mobility mission
contracted with Israel company phinergy and sun mobility for green energy business the company is also working on SOFC Solid oxcide fuel sell technology for clear energy production

In simple language they have petrol pumps, they have just to tie ups
and give the companies to set up because they have the infrastructures
so as fast as this things will go they will get the revenue growth


Bharat petroleum it is a public sector company business of refining of crude oil and marketing of petroleum products

now let’s talk about their Aims in ev technology so it is the second largest oil maker and third largest oil refinery company of the india, they have 19,000 outlets across india 44 electric vehicles charging stations have been installed by the company and company aims to install 1000 by October 22 and plans to convert 7000 petrol pumps in energy stations

After being privatized their growth will be more tremendeous their planning will be on another level


reliance industries they are in almost every sector they are already a established player in refinery and to enter in the ev the jio has tied up with BP

In the first phase, jio BP will cover delhi-ncr together where 30 cars can be charged simultaneously at one charging stations it is not cleared that how many charge they will bring

multiple fueling business has already been started in Mumbai, company for ev infra has also signed with blusmart and mahindra group at present 1400 petrol pumps under reliance, and they aims to do it 5500 in 5 years

There will be the fascilities of multiple fueling in the upcoming time means there will be points for charging of the ev
they will open as a whole and where the hi tech, then it is liked by the public it is intresting that how they will execute it

the facility which reliance can give in  private, no one can give so this are the things which are very important


ABB india they are the biggest integrated power equipment manufacturer of the india, they have business in 4 segment electrification, robotics, automation and process automation, they provide charging solutions for power point in electrification

this company provides the fascility of high quality AC charger and fast charging DC charger, they developed fastest ev charging Tera 360 in the world, they are capable of providing teh charging of 100 km in 3 minutes

they are planning to launch tera 360 in different parts of the world with this the ABB india is establishing a foundation for the future of smart, reliable, and emission free mobility

whose accessibility can be use by anyone and anywhere, they are offering total ev charging solutions with robust connectivity, with the innovative on demand electric bus charging system

they makes infrastructure to meet the needs everything is in a unique way

The tata power, reliance will take furhter
this is what i made you friend with EV
which one you have must tell and now what report has to say i will tell you
that 30 billion dollar to be invested in electric vehicles charging stations over five years and this sector will grow at a yearly rate of 40% CAGR between 2020-2027 it will have a amazing returns

Government is working on the project to establish 70,000 charging stations in the next five years now my friend tell me that what left now? this thing should motivate you

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thank you so much

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