February 3, 2023

New Delhi. The cryptocurrency market has seen a jump for the second consecutive day today. Although yesterday there was a slight jump. The global cryptocurrency market cap has increased by 1.67 percent to $1.03 trillion as of 9.41 a.m. (Indian time).

Almost all major cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ethereum, have seen gains.
At the time of writing, Bitcoin (Bitcoin Price Today) is trading at $21,476.11 with a gain of 0.99 percent, according to Coinmarketcap data.This coin has fallen 8.40 percent in the last 7 days. In the last 24 hours, the price of Ethereum (Ethereum Price Today) has increased by 3.42 percent to $1,669.94.Talking about the last 7 days, Ether has declined by 9.68 percent.

The dominance of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market today is 39.7 percent, while that of Ethereum is 19.7 percent. Bitcoin’s market cap today stands at $410.86 billion, while Ethereum is close to touching $203.9 billion.

What’s up with cryptocurrencies?

-BNB- Price $296.39 Price Change: -0.33%
-XRP: $0.3454, Change: +1.60%
-Cardano (Cardano – ADA) – Price: $0.4594, Changes: +0.89%
-Solana (Solana – SOL) – Price: $35.23, Changes: +1.80%
-Dogecoin (Dogecoin – DOGE) – Price: $0.06832, Change: +1.34%
-Polkadot (Polkadot – DOT) – Price: $7.58, Changes: +1.64%
-Shiba Inu – Price: $0.00001312, Changes: +0.32%
-Dai – Price: $1.00, Change: +0.08%
-Avalanche – Price: $23.13, Changes: +0.58%
-Polygon (Polygon – MATIC) – Price: $0.8181, Change: +1.43%

The fastest growing cryptocurrency?
According to Coinmarketcap, Animal Friends United (AFU), Creator Protocol (CRE), and Hiroki (HIRO) are the top three coins to grow in the last 24 hours. These are the coins in which there is a volume of more than 50 thousand dollars per day.
There has been a jump of 2438.55 percent in Animal Friends United (AFU). Its price has become $ 0.001187. Creator Protocol (CRE) is the second-ranked coin among the highest growing coins. It has increased by 738.4% to $0.00000001472. After this Hiroki (HIRO) has increased by 550.98 percent, and it has increased to $ 0.0005507.

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