February 4, 2023

Info Edge Naukri share price prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 

Hello friends today we will talk about Info Edge Naukri share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 Info Edge, the only company listed in the Indian stock market associated with the investment business in a startup company, how the performance is expected to show in the coming years. Every small and big investor, anticipating the increasing growth of the company’s business in the future, seems to be making a lot of hope on the stock of this company for a long time.

Today, along with analyzing the complete details of the business of Info Edge, we will also look at the future of the company, so that we will get an idea of ​​how much Info Edge (Naukri) share price target It has the ability to show in the coming days. Let us analyze in detail-

Info Edge Naukri share price target 2022

Most of the people Info Edge is also known as Naukri, but along with this, the company has its own strong brand company like 99acres, jeevansathi, shiksha. For some time now, Info Edge has been seen steadily increasing investments in many small and big new startups, due to which the investment portfolio of the company is getting bigger.

Talking about the investment company of Info Edge, there are strong investments in many startups like Zomato, Policy Bazaar, Nopaperforms, Happily Unmarried. The way Info Edge is increasing its investment in new strong brand startups, due to this the future of the company is also visible.

Due to the ever increasing good investment, if seen in Info Edge Naukri share price target 2022, then the first target with good returns is expected to show you Rs 5700. After this target, you will soon see another target of 6000 rupees.

Info Edge Naukri share price target 2023

Talking about most of the revenue of Info Edge, now it is seen coming from the Naukri brand, in whichever startup the company has just invested, most of the startups are seen running their business in loss. Used to be. The management is fully expecting that in the coming few years, these companies can be seen showing good profits in the business, gradually as soon as Info Edge’s investment companies will see profit, the company’s business will also show growth accordingly. 

Looking at the potential of the company’s business growth in the coming years, most of the big investors seem to be continuously strengthening their holding on this stock, due to which there is every hope of showing a good jump in the share price of Info Edge in the coming days as well. 

Looking at the steady growth in the business, Info Edge Naukri share price target By 2023, the first target can be seen showing you 7200 with good earnings. After that you are expected to see the second target showing Rs 7450.

Info Edge Naukri share price target 2025

Info Edge seems to be showing a lot of focus on using new technology like Data Science, Machine Learning to continuously improve its platform. Apart from this, Info Edge seems to be rapidly adding to the acquisition of new ideas along with the development of its new product. The management has a complete plan that in the coming times, every new emerging startup company will see a large part of Info Edge.

The way the company has diversified its startup investments well, due to this, the company may see problems in any sector, but with growth in other sectors, it has full potential to make good profits in the long run.

As the investment will show an increase in the company Info Edge Naukri share price target With tremendous returns in 2025, the first target can be seen with an interest of Rs 9500. And then you should consider holding the second target for Rs 10000.

Info Edge Naukri share price target 2030

If still seen in India, a large amount of population is still to use the internet compared to other developed countries. For the last few years, the speed with which people are seen going online, due to which people are increasingly joining the business of companies based on technology. Most of the time it has been seen that startups based on Info Edge technology are seen increasing their investment amount in the company itself.

For the past few years, Info Edge has been seen increasing investment in a large number of different technology startup companies itself, its benefit is definitely expected to be with the increasing technology use in the coming times.

Due to the increasing opportunities of the business in the long run, Info Edge Naukri share price target giving good earnings to the shareholders by 2030, there is every possibility of seeing the share price around Rs 21000.

Info Edge Naukri share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 Table



2022                                    Rs 6000

2023                                    Rs 7450

2025                                    Rs 10000

2030                                    Rs 21000

Future of Info Edge Share

If you look at the business of Info Edge from the point of view of the future, there is a huge opportunity. The management of the company seems to be investing in every startup business keeping the future in mind, as new startups will be seen emerging in the market.

However, in whichever business the company is investing, the focus of most of the business is still seen on customer acquisition. As these startup companies continue to strengthen their brand, there is a strong expectation of profit coming soon, due to which Info Edge will get good profit and shareholder will also get tremendous profits in future.

Risk of Info Edge Share 

If you see the biggest risk in the business of Info Edge, then most of the investment of the company is seen in the startup company itself, due to the small business of these startup companies, the risk of business sinking is very high, due to which Info Edge has to be seen. A huge loss may have to be faced.

Looking at the second risk, in view of the increasing opportunities in the Indian market, a big global competitor is seen investing a lot in its business, due to which Info Edge’s business can have a big impact in the coming time.

Conclusin (Info Edge Naukri Share Price Target prediction  2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 ) 

It would be fair to say that even though the company is not earning that good profit right now, but the company’s performance in future has full potential to show a big jump. In my opinion, if you are a long-term investor, then you should think about investing in the stock of this company. But keep in mind that before taking any investment decision, do not forget to take the help of your analysis or your financial advisor once.

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