February 4, 2023

Manappuram Finance share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

Hello friends, today we will talk about Manappuram Finance share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030. What kind of performance does Manappuram Finance have the ability to show in the coming years, linked to the NBFC (Non-Banking Finance Company) sector. Due to the kind of growth that has been able to show in its business over the last few years, due to this the holding of big investors like FIIs and DIIs is also seen in a strong position.

In the coming time, where can the performance of Manappuram Finance Share be seen going? Looks expected to go. Let us analyze in detail-

Manappuram Finance share price target 2022

Talking about the main business of Manappuram Finance, in the NBFC sector, the company is mostly seen in gold loans, in the entire India market, the company is increasingly seeing its strong hold in the case of gold loans. The company saw a lot of advertisements to promote their gold loan to the big celebrities of every field to grow their business at a good speed, due to which Manappuram Finance strong company in gold loan segment very fast. Looks like it’s being made.

After the epidemic, people were seen showing a very good growth in the case of gold loans, due to which there was a good increase in the financial growth of the company. The management is fully expecting that in the coming days also, gold loans can be seen increasing with good growth, due to which the business of Manappuram Finance will be seen growing with good momentum.

Looking at the good financial growth, Manappuram Finance share price target giving good returns till 2022, you can soon see another target getting interest of Rs 145.

Manappuram Finance share price target 2023

Manappuram Finance’s business network looks very strong across the country. Till now the company is spread in 28 states of India, where more than 3500 branches network is available with Manappuram Finance and gradually the company is seen expanding its branch network in India.

Management’s complete plan for the coming years is to take its business network to every small and big village of India, as the network of Manappuram Finance will be seen spreading in every small village and city of India. He is going to show an increase in speed.

If you look at the Manappuram Finance share price target by 2023, with the presence of a large branch network, then you are fully expected to get the  target for Rs 180.

Manappuram Finance share price target 2025

Manappuram Finance seems to be showing a lot of focus on gradually diversifying its loan book to increase the revenue of its business. Along with gold loans, the company is also slowly venturing into new loan segments such as Micro Finance, Housing Finance, Vehicle loans.

Although there is a risk of increasing NPAs in these new loan segments of the company, but the management has been able to control its NPAs very well, due to which the company’s revenue is increasing continuously every year. There seems to be a way to be successful. If in the coming days also the management seems to be finding it difficult to keep the NPA under control in its Diversify loan book, then you are going to see a good profit growth in the business.

Apart from keeping NPAs under control, Manappuram Finance share price target can be seen showing you 200 rupees with good growth in business till 2025.

Manappuram Finance share price target 2030

As you will see in the long term business of Manappuram Finance the company is continuously updating the technology in various activities to provide the best service to the customers over time. Along with this, the company is also seen providing facilities like DoorStep Gold Loan to the customer, due to which Manappuram Finance seems to be able to connect with its customers very fast.

Management knows the need of the customer very well as the requirements of the customer keep on changing, at the same time the company knows how to stay ahead of the market competition by using innovative strategies in the business, due to which Manappuram Finance is one of the best companies for customer acquisition. There is a lot to see in the matter.

Looking at the fast growing clientele, Manappuram Finance share price target in the long run till 2030 with tremendous earnings to the shareholder, the share price is likely to trade around Rs.600/-.

Manappuram Finance share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 Table


                                     PRICE TARGET

2022                                   Rs 145

2023                                   Rs 180

2025                                   Rs 200

2030                                   Rs 600

Future of Manappuram Finance share

If we look at Manappuram Finance share from the point of view of the future, then it is seen on a very strong position, the company continues to grow its business rapidly, as well as financial and Fundamental both are very strong, Due to which there is every hope of showing a good growth in the share price of the company in the future.

Along with this, Manappuram Finance is also seeing the acquisition of new company from time to time to increase its earned money, Manappuram Finance has also got a lot of revenue and profit from the company acquired in the last few years. It seems to be showing good growth, it can be expected that the business of Manappuram Finance is very bright for the future.

Risk of Manappuram Finance share

Looking at the biggest risk in terms of future in the business of Manappuram Finance, the way the company is gradually increasing its loan book in the rest of the segments in lieu of gold loan, due to this, there will be little business in the coming time. There is definitely a possibility of getting ransom in many NPAs.

If we look at other risks, Manappuram Finance’s partner company muthoot finance has dominated the Indian market in a very strong way, due to which the company may have to face some difficulty in increasing the market share in future.

Conclusin (Manappuram Finance share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030) 

There is no doubt that the speed with which Manappuram Finance is growing its business, if the management is seen working in the same way in the coming days, then the company’s business is going to grow very fast. With the increase, you are going to see a good rise in the share price as well. But keep in mind that before taking any investment decision in this stock, do not forget to take the help of your own analysis or your financial advisor once.

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