February 3, 2023

 The stock of Rs 2 went up to Rs 102, 1 lakh became 51 lakh

Multibagger Stock Return: If you are thinking of investing in any quality stock, you can bet on digital marketing company Brightcom Group. Indeed, the shares of Brightcom Group have given tremendous returns to their investors. Shares of the company have returned more than 1,318.06 per cent during the year. Shares of the company rose 4.99% to Rs. 102.10.

Shares rose from Rs 2 to Rs 102. Brightcom Group shares have risen by Rs. 2 (closing price on NSE on 22nd November 2018 Brightcom Group Ltd stock price) on 14th March 2022 today at Rs. 102.10. During this period, the stock has returned to its shareholders a Penny stock return of, 5,005%

About a year ago, on March 15, 2021, the company’s shares were at Rs 7.20 per share on the NSE. During this period, it has returned 1,318.06 per cent to its investors.

The stock has returned 184.40% in 6 months. The stock was valued at Rs 35.90 on September 14, 2021, six months ago. However, this year (according to YTD), the stock has lost 40.38 per cent so far.

In the last one month, it has declined by 31.98 per cent. However, in the last five trading sessions, the stock has seen a rebound and is down nearly 10% during this period.

Investors benefited more than Rs 50 lakh According to the Brightcom Group’s share price history, if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in the stock four years ago at a rate of Rs 2 and kept that investment till today, the amount would now be more than Rs 51 lakh.

At the same time, if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock a year ago, it would be worth Rs 14.18 lakh today. An investment of Rs 1 lakh in six months would have been Rs 2.84 lakh.

What does the company do? 

Brightcom Group is a digital marketing company. It is a Hyderabad based company, founded in 1999. The company is involved in Adtech, New Media and IoT based business in many countries of the world. It does business in the US, Israel, Latin America ME, Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

The company’s customer list includes major advertisers like Airtel, British Airways, CocaCola, Hyundai Motors, ICICI Bank, ITC, LIC, Maruti Suzuki, MTV, P&G Qatar Airways, Samsung, Viacom, Sony, Star India, Vodafone, Titan. .

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