January 30, 2023

 ONGC share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 will give good returns

Friends, today we are going to talk about ONGC share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, how is the performance of this company related to the production business of Indian government estimated to be. However, if we look at the long-term performance of the ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited) stock, it did not see that special performance.

So today we will analyze the complete details of the ONGC company’s business as well as look at the future prospects, this will give us an idea of ​​how much the ONGC share price target shows the ability to show in the coming years. Let’s know about the company in detail

ONGC share price target 2022

ONGC is a Government of India-owned company, which is seen as one of the leading companies in the production of oil and gas in India. Where the company produces about 70 percent of India’s crude oil and about 84 percent of natural gas, ONGC alone produces.

Due to ONGC’s sole dominance in such a large market of the country, whenever the demand for oil and gas is seen increasing in time, due to the same, there is a good boom in the company’s business. After the pandemic, for some time now, the demand for crude oil was seen increasing with great speed, due to which the company’s business was seen to be getting good benefits.

In the coming days also, if the demand remains intact, then ONGC share price target is expected to show you the first target of Rs 184 with good bounce by 2022. As soon as you touch this target, you are going to see the second target also getting an interest of Rs 190.get. Out of which many big companies like HPCL, MRPL, OPal or Subsidiries of ONGC are seen.

ONGC is also continuously working on new projects, due to which the company has been able to increase its presence in different countries of the world. However, as the business grows, you should not expect too much about the share price of the company. Being a government company and looking at the uncertainty of the company’s business, there is little hope of giving good value to the stock of this company in the coming time.

If seen in a short time, ONGC share price target can be seen around Rs 215 only with some very good returns till 2023. After that you can see the second target for Rs 225.

ONGC share price target 2025

Everyone knows that slowly, the way people are using oil and gas, soon this fuel is going to run out, due to which people will start using more and more renewable energy in the coming time. Although there is no positive for ONGC’s business due to Renewable Energy, but ONGC has also started shifting its business towards Clean Energy to increase its business with this growing technology.

In the coming times, as the company will use different methods to increase the production of Clean Energy, ONGC’s business is also going to see good growth.If the company is seen increasing the business in Clean Energy, then in ONGC share price target 2025, you can be seen showing the first target of Rs 285 with good growth in the business. And then you should consider holding the 310 rs

ONGC share price target 2030

As you look at the long term business of ONGC, right now the company does not look good at all for long term investors as far as the business is concerned. ONGC’s oil and gas business, which is going to see a decrease in its use in the long run, due to which the impact of the company’s business is going to be seen in the coming times.

However, with the company slowly expanding its business in Renewable Energy, the company’s Subsidiary HPCL has also started setting up many EV Charging Stations, due to which ONGC has full potential to show good performance in future.

If the business is seen to grow as per the management’s plan, ONGC share price target is likely to show good returns to the shareholder around Rs 650 with good returns, showing good growth in the business by 2030.

2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 Table

2022                          Rs 184

2023                          Rs 215

2025                          Rs 285

2030                          Rs 650

Future of ONGC  Share

Looking at the future, now is not a good time to invest in ONGC share. However, in a short time, with small pearl gains in the company’s business, there can be some good jump in the share price, but till the company’s business does not see good opportunities for the future, then there will be a big jump in the stock of this company. Expected to be seen a little less.

If you look at the long run, ONGC pays a good amount of dividend to the shareholders every year, if you want to earn good dividends with stable returns then only you can look for ONGC share.

Risk of ONGC share

If the biggest risk is seen in ONGC Share, then due to the company’s business being mostly related to oil and gas business, the future of the company is being uncertain, if ONGC is to transfer its business in the coming time. If I do not see success, then bad effects are going to be seen in the business.

Seeing the second risk, being a government company, despite the decisions being made in the interest of many companies, the management has to face a lot of difficulty in implementing that decision, due to which the company’s business in the long run lags behind the rest of the competitors. danger is seen.

Conclusin (ONGC share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030) 

Of course, due to the good experience and hard work of the management for a long time, ONGC gets the full potential to bring the business on a better performance, but for this, the management still has to do a lot of work in the business. If you are a long term investor then investing in this stock in my view does not seem like a good investment decision at all. But keep in mind that before taking any investment decision, do not forget to take the help of your own analysis or your financial advisor once.

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