February 6, 2023


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Today we have brought for you the country’s well-known investor and the big bull of the share market. 3 penny stocks of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Guru Radhakrishna Damani Whose value is less than 100Rs. will know whether there is power in business or not.

Today we will not only tell you the stock but also how Radhakrishna Damani became so successful in the share market And in which sector is the bull?
So are you ready to learn a learning, Earning’s 

According to media source, it is said that Radhakrishna Damani is the same person who had seen with Manumandra in Scam 1992.

Before discussing about his portfolio, let’s take a look at his life journey.
Because there were completely different twists in his early life. Because he took the biggest risk in life at that stage of age.When a normal person is in panic about home, family and his career

Mr. Damani belongs to a middle class Marwadi family After 12th, due to lack of interest in studies, he dropped out of college, and started his ancestral business. Even if he did not like the ancestral business, then he entered the share market.

At that time there were 2 group running in the stock market, one was of Gujarati and the other of Marwadi Whose king was Manumundra At his only gesture, any share would touch the ground.

And they were Marwadi, they had joined Manumundra and printed a lot of money by selling shares short. The group of Marwadis was weighing heavily on the gang of Gujratis but now the game was about to change because Harshad Mehta had joined Gujrat’s group Mehta took his BSE in a few days and became the Big Bull.

The crisis of Radhakrishna group started increasing in their life.After operating ACC cement stock, on one side where Harshad Mehta was taking good funds from the bank to take the stock of the ACC up.

The same , group of Damani was engaged in bringing down stock with its full power , but it was failing Because Harshad had a lot of capital To win this bet, he risked everything by taking 100x leverage of Damani.

But it is said that when courage is seen, luck also supports him. This was the time when Harshad Mehta’s Scam came in front of the world. causing ACC stock to fall

In this fall, Damani earned crores of property in a jiffy, it is said in the media source.But now they had understood that such a survival could not happen for a long time.  during that time D Mart started and today D Mart has 234 stores in one and a half.

Damani is the 4th richest person in the country today, he has 14 stocks in his portfolio as of today. Whose Valuation is 176,708 crore ,This valuation is more than the GDP of many countries.So let’s do a little X-ray of his portfolio and see how he has diversified his portfolio, and which stocks are hold

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Now here you can see according to the chart, their portfolio is very well diversified.Most of the stock they have is from the retail sector , After that there is Finance, Paper and Medical Services.
Cement , Courier extra Complete List You Can View With Chart

You will see a similar well diversified structure for any investor’s portfolio
We have already made a video on how to diversify portfolio properly.

Now let’s have a look at their shares
So which of these stocks do you have that you see in their portfolio? Tell in comment

So whenever you look at the portfolio of a big investor, you will see one thing very common.That is, big investors tend to invest more in small-cap or mid-cap growth stocks ,from where they can get good return  in Damani’s portfolio, there are shares ranging from 27 Rs to 21 Thousand.

But 3 stocks in their portfolio, penny stocks which we are going to discuss, their price is less than 100 Rs.


Here Damani has a holding of 1.88%, whose value is about 33 crores , yes 33 crores It is a subsidiary company of almost 70 years old Sundaram Finance Group. Started in 1993 , company headquarter is in Chennai

Talking about the business of the company this is in investment startup, in fintech space and many other types of investments. Here you can see Market Cap of 1,762 Cr. , Debt is only of 1.18 Cr. Means company is almost debt free which is a good sign

Company current price is 79.4 ,  if you see so there Stock P/E is 77.6 where Industry PE is 25.5 Means somewhere stock is expensive If you see there ROCE & ROE so it is 1.33 and 1.09. Sales growth of 5 years of 35.9% which is very good

But if we look overall ROCE & ROE should be more, it is less. But now it is small cap company  Growing , can improve further
If you look at their financials over there, then the net income is continuously falling which is a matter of concern

Total revenue has also fallen, EBITDA has also fallen, EPS has also fallen. financial foot, then you can also call it the impact of covid. if it improves after 2021 then Definitely company is right

Because before 2020 the company was growing where net income was up in 2018 also it was up in 2019 also so 2022 will be deciding for it


TV18 BROADCAST Ltd. Is Subsidiary company of Reliance , You people will already be familiar with it, you must have also seen its news.

Right now company have Total 14 TV channels operate in 15 Languages in 26 States  Monthly more than 60 million views come on his total channel.
In their major channel CNBC18 , CNBC AWAAJ , CNBC TV18 PRIME HD

Apart for this CNN NEWS 18 is included
Talking about their revenue model do from Advertisement it is 97% other 3% came from film distribution and others
There if we look at there Financial so Market Cap is of 11,306 Cr. ,Debt on the company is 773 Cr.

Debt on equity is 0.17 it means it’s a nominal debt because Free cash flow is 1,238Cr. , Means free Cash Flow is good
Here Industry PE is 38.7 and Stock P/E is 18.6 ,means stock is cheap Sale Growth of 5 years is 37.2% , and ROCE and ROE is good 14.9 and 11.5%

So here in this way you are seeing that ROCE, ROE is better too, it means right
And according to PE it’s cheap , means Valuation are not expensive , and not any problem in debt. net income here, it is continuously improving.

The total revenue has been continuously improving and has declined in 2021, EBITDA is improving continuously.
EPS is improving continuously
the constant news about TV18 is also coming that TV18 is a good stock for long term  Which if you follow us in the night show at 8:30 , then 50Rs. We also have this stock continuously from above , as per long term view

3] Spencer retail Ltd.

It started in 1863 company’s name is RP-SG Retail Ltd. And it’s a subsidiary company of RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group
On their store Almost every type of FMCG product food, personal care, fashion , home essential , electric and electronics are available

The company has a tremendous brand reputation, let’s see some facts here
So the facts are that in 1920 it became the country’s grocery chain, in 1980 it became the country’s first supermarket chain.In 2001, the company opened its first hypermarket in Hyderabad.

In 2008, he launched an omnichannel grocery retailer and his own online shopping portal.The company also owns some of its own brands like 2Bimi, SmartChoice, Double Tick, Clean Home Handsone, Namkeen, Bath beauty and besser many more

Here if we come on revenue so from food it’s 85% and from Non-Food it’s 14.4% , and business of India

Talking about the distribution network, it is spread in India , are in Lucknow, will also be in all state. Headquarter is Kolkata , 191 Retail stores , 14 Distribution centers they have 88,000+ Stock keeping unit. Talk about their online presence so online Presence is in 17 city

Talking about reset development, in July 2019, the company acquired Nature Basket , and tied up with Uber and Rapido to grow their omni channel
To make the delivery of FMCG product quick and fast. They also partnered with Flipkart

Now look at their finances here so a small Market cap of 768Cr.There if we look ROCE & ROE so it’s in negative, And this is the bumper negative -7.22% and -74.7% , Debt is also perilous  1,082 Cr. , And free cash flow is also in negative -25.3 Cr.

That is, the story is not strong from this angle from anywhere, rather disturbing
At the same time, if you look at their net income, it is not only falling continuously, but the loss is also increasing. Revenue is down, EBITDA is down, EPS is down So at this angle, things are messed up

So here are the 2 reasons of financial bad, the first covid, you all know that in 2 years covid shook broke the back of people’s retail business. And there they shifted to online shopping, But if I tell personally in their online app, they are far behind. not like what it should be

due to this reason, people do not shop as much in their online shopping, even after going there they do not use their app.because it bothers so much  ,So here’s a concern

now comes my view , I like a stock out of this which I have already told you TV18 , In which already we are bullish from which level . And there is a lot of big news to come in that. So I like that thing very much in that stock that we keep that stock in our eyes according to the long term.

So one of the 3 we selected in our view, which we told you So I hope if you like the new way of information then Like , comment, subscribe and keep giving love

thankyou so much

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