January 30, 2023

 Top 10 penny stocks in India 2022 below 1 rupee

Best Penny Stocks to Under 1₹

Talking about the list of shares with a price less than ₹ 1, you will find a lot of shares in it. If you are looking for stocks below ₹ 1 in which you can invest, then you are on the right article.

Most retail investors think that if a stock is undervalued, it is cheap. But in reality this is not the case. You have to look at many parameters before investing in a stock such as the company’s business model, financial statements, debt, return on equity, management etc.

But first I will tell you the list of stock price less than ₹ 1 in 2022 and finally we will talk about whether you should invest in penny stocks or not.

List of shares priced below ₹1

1) CES Ltd.

This company is working in computer software sector. The company’s market cap is ₹ 1.38 Cr. are of Also the company is a debt free company.

CES Ltd. The stock price of currently is ₹0.40. Presently the Director of the company is Mr. Aruna Krishna Sabbineni. The promoters holding of the company is 44.53%.

Positives –

1]The company is debt free company.

2]The company has shown good revenue growth of 19.45% in the last three years.

3]The promoters in the company have high holdings of 74.84%.

4]The company has good cash reserves.

Negatives –

1]There is a steady decline in the profit growth of the company.

2) Jai Mata Glass Ltd.

This company is related to Glass Sector. The value of the company on the basis of market cap is ₹ 4.90 Cr. Huh. The company’s share price is currently trading at ₹ 0.51 on BSE.

Mr. C M Marwah is the Managing Director of the company. The company’s products include Patterned Glass, K-Series and Elegant Frosted Glass.

Positives –

1]The company is a debt free company.

2]The RoE for the last five years are 10.36% and RoCE is 11.12%.

3]The last financial year saw a tremendous jump in profits.

Negatives –

1]Last 3 Year Revenue Growth is 33.80%

2]Company over ₹1.15 Cr. contingent liabilities of the company exist.

3]There is a steady decline in the net sales of the company.

3) Pazel International Ltd.

Our third share in the list with stock price below ₹1 is Pazel International Ltd. These companies are involved in the activities related to food packing, cafe chain operation and food catering.

The company’s market cap is ₹ 9.51 Cr. and currently the price of one share of the company is ₹ 0.54. The Managing Director of Pagel International is Mr. Rishabh Ashwin Choksi. The headquarters of the company is located in Mumbai.

Positives –

1]The company is a virtually debt free company.

2]The company has a cash conversion cycle of 109.49 days.

3]Excellent liquidity.

Negatives –

1]The company’s RoE and RoCE are very poor.

2]The company’s EBITDA margin is 67.36!^ in the last 5 years.

3]The company’s condition is very bad in terms of sales.

4) Ramchandra Leasing&Finance Ltd.

You will also get this penny stock in less than ₹ 1 whose current share price is ₹ 0.95. This company is an NBFC which does the work of Lease Business. The current market cap of this company is ₹ 4.04 Cr.

Public participation in this company is 88.49%. These companies are working in very competitive sector, due to which the financial condition of the company is very bad.

Positives –

The company’s free cash flow is 0.04 per share.

Negatives –

1]The profits of the company are continuously declining.

2]Promoters participation only 11.50%

5) Shalimar Productions Ltd.

This company works in the field of film production, distribution and entertainment. Mr. Pankaj Kumar Dave is currently the Director of this company.

The share price of Shalimar Production is currently running in the range of ₹ 1. The market capitalization of this company is ₹ 106.31 Cr. Huh. The company’s ROE is 0.06% and RoCE is 0.08%.

Positives –

1]The company has now become a debt free company.

2]Excellent liquidity can be seen in this company.

Negatives –

1]Continued decline in promoters’ holding.

2]The company’s sales have been declining continuously in the last 45 years.

3]The share price is currently trading at a high P/E ratio.

6)Sword-Edge Commercials Ltd.

This company was established in 1985. Mr. Jyoti Shyam Khetal is the director of this company. This company deals in wholesale electrical machinery, equipment and supplies.

The company’s stock price is currently trading in the range of ₹ 0.82. The total market capitalization of this company is ₹ 18.90 Cr. Huh. All the holdings of the company are with the public.

Positives –

1]The company has reduced its debt to a great extent.

2]The liquidity position of this company is very good.

3]Free cash flow of 1.15 per share.

Negatives –

1]Company up to now ₹ 13.75 Cr. The debt of the company is seen.

2]The company’s ROE and RoCE are very poor.

7) Solis Marketing Ltd.

Next in the list of best stock price below ₹1 is Solis Marketing Ltd. Mr. Arun Kumar Dey is the Whole Time Director and Compliance Officer of this company.

This company is involved in the business of import-export. Including automobile parts, ball and roller bearings, beverages, all types of chemicals, glass, materials, textiles, readymade garments, timber products, other materials and substances. The total market cap of the company is ₹ 1.11 Cr. Huh. This means that the company is a very small company. The stock price of this company is currently running at ₹ 0.38.

Positives –

Its current ratio and quick ratio show that the company has high liquidity.


1]Company over ₹ 2.37 Cr.

2]Profit growth of last 3 years is 19.68%.

3[Company is not giving good return on invested equity.

4[Promoters have only 6.2% holding.

8) Hit Kit Global Solutions Ltd.

This company is an IT software company. Whose current stock price is running ₹ 0.69. Presently Mr. Kamal Agarwal is the CEO of this company.

HITKIT is primarily focusing on agri-business value chain. To achieve this objective the company markets vegetables in the vegetable market. For this, the company directly contacts the farmers.The market cap of this company is ₹ 2.89 Cr. Huh. The holding of 90.19% of this company is with the public.

Positives –

Company is Virtually Debt Free Company.

Negatives –

1]Poor ROE and RoCE of Company.

2]High Debtors days 317.29.

3]Loss Making Company.

9) Gold Line International Finvest Ltd.

Gold Line is a finance lending company. The company’s core business is investment in origin but as a strategy to go global, the company has launched financial advisory services in India and abroad to manage money market operations, treasury management. Along with this, the company also acts as an investment advisor.

The total market cap of the company is ₹ 26.57 Cr. The price of one share of which is currently running at ₹ 1.02.

Positives –

1]The company is continuously increasing its operating revenue.

2]Splendid Profit Growth of 126.21% in the last year.

Negatives –

1]Promoters Holding of only 6.36%

2]Poor ROE and RoCE of the company.

3]Company is trading at high P/E ratio.

10) Aplaya Creations Ltd.

This company provides performance and training solutions through online and offline based training mediums. The company also develops customized courses for Instructor Led Training (ILT), Web Based Training (WBT) and Computer Based Training (CBT).

The Managing Director of this company is Mr. Ramavtar Gupta. The company’s market cap is ₹ 5.75 Cr. Huh. The stock price of the company is currently running at ₹ 0.40. The public holding of 90.43% of the company is with the public.

Positives –

1]The company has shown good revenue growth of 91.99% in the last 3 years.

2]The company is virtually debt free.

3]The company has good cash conversion cycles.

Negatives –

1]The company’s ROE and RoCE are very poor.

2]Law Promoter Holding.

The company has shown tremendous sales growth in the last financial year. It will be important to see whether the company is able to maintain its sales or not.

Conclusion – Penny Stocks Under ₹ 1

In Fundamentally Strong Stocks, your money will not grow very fast but your money will definitely be safe. But shares priced below ₹ 1 which are very risky can also lose your entire money.

Friends, you must have understood that penny stocks are fundamentally very weak stocks which can completely drain your money. I would not say that you absolutely should not invest in any penny stock. But before investing in any stock, you should do proper research and analysis about it.

When you think everything about that company is right then you should invest in that stock.

Friends, if you have liked this article of Stocks under ₹ 1 in 2022 (Penny Stocks under ₹ 1), then you must share it with your friends. If you have any question then you can tell me through comment box.

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